1. This is Not a Diet or Weight loss program.

      Let's get one thing clear; Booty Building Box is not a weight loss program. The last thing we want you to do is, obsess over numbers and scales.   Booty Building Box teaches people the science of fitness. This method composes of what to eat before and after you train to avoid muscle breakdown a…Read More

  2. Lacey’s Booty Building Box Journey!

    Lacey is a mom of two beautiful children and just recently started her fitness journey. She could only do at home workouts since she's with the kids all day! She started tracking her progress on instagram @laceynycole. She loved the Booty Building Box concept, because it was all at home workouts and…Read More

  3. Rachael and Booty Building Box

    Rachael initially bought the Endo-Booty Building Box back in November. She had been training for years, lost weight and felt good but wanted more substantial results, particularly in her abs and booty. After 6 weeks on the Booty Building Box programs she had amazing results! So much so that she star…Read More

  4. Booty Building Box and Body Positivity

    Booty Building Box is a program that was created to get people away from the scale and counting numbers, and back to building lean muscle mass, reshaping body composition and feeling good in your own skin. The "booty-types" were created to step away from that typical diet workout regime that makes y…Read More


    Sisi wanted to show us her 3 favorite Booty Building Box exercises. Full video is up on Instagram on IGTV @bootybuildingbox. You can add this workout in to your current fitness regime or use it as a mini booty blast full on workout. Sumo Squats- 10 reps X 3 Sit down stand ups- 10 reps X 3 Bulgarian …Read More

  6. Alcohol and Booty Building Box

    It's the weekend and yasssss you can have some wine, it's totally permitted in the Booty Building Box programs. How much alcohol is allowed and when? At Booty Building Box we suggest that you avoid alcohol on booty building days. However if you end up going for dinner and you want to have one alcoho…Read More

  7. Follow Sisi on her Booty Building Box journey!

    Sisi reached out because of her new found love for fitness, she was so excited to hear about a program that offered different glute workout routines and nutrition, based on your booty goals. She loved the program so much that she decided to take all of you on her journey with her. She's a busy girl …Read More

  8. #mondaymotivation CONTROL

     I can't express the importance of form and control #MMC Mind Muscle Connection. I had wicked workout on booty Thursday this week because I focused so much on Control. This exercise in particular Sit down Stand ups/Pistol Squats was a killer. I really focused on slowing down on the way down and con…Read More

  9. Peaches & Cream #FeedtheBooty

      PEACH MONTH IS ALMOST HERE! PEACHES & CREAM Saute peaches on a high heated pan with a touch of maple syrup Add peaches on top of 1 cup of plain Greek yogurt Sprinkle crushed walnuts & organic cinnamon   I love this as an afternoon snack. It's the perfect combination of getting that sweet…Read More