1. Take your Workouts on Vacation!

    Check out Sandra's instagram she's been loving the Booty Building Box workouts and she's killing it on vacation in Indonesia. She loves how convenient and easy the workouts are, and how little you need. Simply pack your bands, booklet and skip rope and if you want to bring your travel water bottle b…Read More

  2. Chocolate Avocado

    #FEEDTHEBOOTY 1 cup cashew unsweetened vanilla 1/2 scoop chocolate plant based protein 1/3 or 1/2 avocado 1 teaspoon organic cinnamon Add in 1 teaspoon of organic cacoa for more chocolate richness if needed. The combination of chocolate and avocado sounds unappealing but it actually is a match made …Read More

  3. Take Back Control And Zone Into Your Body

    The Importance of Mind Muscle Connection. What is Mind Muscle Connection?  Technically speaking it’s when the mind sends a signal to the specific muscle telling it to contract “neuromuscular junction." The more you focus and communicate to your body and the targeted muscles—the more muscle fi…Read More

  4. Top Foods To Build Muscle

    In order to build muscle mass, you need to put your time in during your workouts, but more importantly—building a strong physique starts in the kitchen. As women, we don’t produce the same levels of testosterone men do, making it a bit more challenging for us to build muscle. The secret to gaini…Read More

  5. Don’t Skip Booty Day!

    Ladies, let’s be honest—our booties are one of our biggest assets. You wouldn’t abandon any other important asset in your life, would you? Didn’t think so. So whether you are beginning your journey into the wonderful world of fitness, or you have been a workout fanatic for quite some time al…Read More