1. Rachael and Booty Building Box

    Rachael initially bought the Endo-Booty Building Box back in November. She had been training for years, lost weight and felt good but wanted more substantial results, particularly in her abs and booty. After 6 weeks on the Booty Building Box programs she had amazing results! So much so that she star…Read More


    It's finally here! You guys have been asking for it and here it is. The first beginners to advanced upper body strength workout. You can do it anywhere at home, in the gym, outside! The full video is upload on IGTV on our Instagram account along with on Youtube Bootybuildingbox. This is an excellent…Read More

  3. Moms & Booty Building Box

     Moms are loving the Booty Building Box programs. Why??? Because they are all AT HOME WORKOUTS and only twice a week. Also depending on how much of a rush you're in, the workouts can take as little as 25minutes! Ashley has been looking for an add on workout program that she could do at home for tho…Read More

  4. Up your Kickbacks & Sides

    Check out our new video post on instagram @bootybuildingbox; Posted 3 ways to up the intensity on your kickbacks and sides exercise. Number 1; Try to do kickbacks and sides without holding onto to anything. Find your balance, keep your legs and core strong and kick away. Number 2; Try to add in a mi…Read More

  5. Vegan & Vegetarian options available!

    How delicious does this look?! Thrivemags is on point with this vegan/vegetarian meal. The Booty Building Box programs talk about what to eat before and after you train. Why? because who has time to meal prep 24/7?!. Creating a full meal plan would be pointless, with all the different food allergies…Read More

  6. The Step Up Demo on Michele Romanow from Dragons Den

     If you didn't catch the airing on Dragon's Den it's not too late here's the link to find out what happened; https://www.cbc.ca/dragonsden/pitches/bootybuilding-box Now let's talk about the step up demo with Michele. Michele was the perfect candidate since she is a true meso-booty. Step ups are my …Read More

  7. In Honor of Peach Month!

    Specials start this week August 1st 2018. Each week we will feature a different special, and we are also going to feature peach recipes and some fun launches. It's going to be a an epic month, make sure to stay posted! xoxo…Read More

  8. #MomLife why Moms are loving the Bootybuildingbox programs

    #MomLife Moms are loving the bootybuildingbox programs for so many reasons; 1- All the workouts are designed for at home, or in the park or wherever you want to workout. Moms find it super convenient because half the time they have such little space to workout with, between all there baby things, th…Read More

  9. Not just for Women

    I have so many men ask me about the booty building box because at the end of the day it's all about being healthy, and a lot of men suffer from weak glutes which will cause lower back pain. Initially while I was creating this program, I had many thoughts about marketing to men and women. However whi…Read More

  10. The Toronto Pro Super Show

      Yessssss we have a booth at the Toronto Pro Show, and were also throwing a bootybuildingbox class on the main stage on Saturday June 2nd at 4pm, open to everyone at the expo. The class will be a wicked booty burn with fun prizes! Also come by the booth to get a wicked one time only special! It's …Read More