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Trusting the process: the hardest part about any journey that changes you. Whether it’s fitness, business, life or any process that seems difficult, sticking to a long-term plan when you might endure many bad short-term outcomes can be very trying and demotivating.


Although you may be sticking to the “guidelines”, “diet” or “workout plans”, all the mini steps required to get you there may at times result in mini failures.  Those failures can often leave you feeling defeated and thus question your trust in the process.


There have been VERY many times when I had to “trust the process”.  Competing in my first fitness show was my first real experience having to trust the process, and now I am doing it, yet again, while running Booty Building Box. Trusting a process is one thing, trusting that the outcome will be good, is another.  The process has to lead somewhere, so we have to envision where we are going.


I remember my first fitness show, the first time I ever felt the agony of trusting the process of something that I had never done before. A 9-month process of training, dieting, committing and trusting. Moments of “what am I doing!”, “is this worth it?”, “are people going to judge me?”, “what if I look like a fool on stage?”, “what if I come in last?”, “what if I can’t make it till the end and all of this is for nothing?”.  These kinds of thoughts resulted in me not sticking to the process, straying from my diet and training, and having to push the competition back by 6 weeks!  Conclusion: There is NOTHING wrong with that!  It happens to all of us!  Just because I didn’t reach my goal when I had initially planned to, doesn’t mean I didn’t achieve my goal in the end.  No matter how strong or how determined someone might be, no one’s journey is perfect and every one will run into some failures along the way.


When you envision and set out your plan, you only see the steps and the end game. You never see the failures that pull you back and make you want to quit. The failures that make you question how badly you really want to change.


In the end, the key to trusting the process is about knowing exactly what and how badly you want it at the end.  Make a list of the reasons behind your journey/change. Whether it’s health, happiness or comfort, what drives you?  Find out your “why”!


Write it all down and keep it close, so that every time you “fall off the wagon” or run into a mini failure, you can remind yourself of your goal.   Try not let your emotions get the best of you because hitting a hard patch is so normal, that it should be expected!


Remember, success is not only measured by achieving goals; it is also about how quickly one can recover from failure without losing enthusiasm.  Chin up booty builder, you got this!


Trusting the process is knowing that you are ready for change, and that you will do whatever it takes to get there.



Lots of love,


Jenna xoxo