Make sure to get in on our monthly Newsletters. Finding ways to keep you motivated and on track with our little tips and tricks. This month we talk about Goals vs Habits.

The warm weather is around the corner and it’s time to get serious so you can feel the best you’ve ever felt this summer!!!


Let’s talk about goals vs habits. Goals have an end point, which is why most people reach their goals and then revert back to old habits. Another interesting fact about goals, is they rely on will power and self-discipline, which is why they never last.


Ask yourself this question: If you didn’t set a goal but you made changes to better yourself in your daily routine would you still be successful? For example: If you’re playing sports on a team and instead of focusing on just the score board and winning, your team focuses on getting better and practicing more. Would they still have a good chance in winning?


The point is that goals are great for the overall picture, to set direction and to have something to start working towards. However, to have a goal is great but to execute habits that will form the goal to reality is where the real work and results come in.


Habits are made up of 40% of our daily actions. These little actions add up!

Booty Building Box is all about lifestyle and real results. We focus on providing realistic habits that can obtain your goals. For example: starting out by working out once a week to build the habit before we incorporate the second workout.

Realistic changes create long term results. So, for this month focus on changing one habit per  week. It can be small anything from switching to pop to soda water or 20 almonds to 10. Start small, build up, make it a lifestyle change and create a new habit for life.


“By switching our focus from achieving specific goals to creating positive long-term habits, we can make continuous improvement a way of life. This is evident from the documented habits of many successful people.”-Farnam Street