Why Booty Types?

Initially the booty building box programs were going to be based on body types. Since someone who wants to build volume and curves is going to need completely different training and nutrition than someone who just wants to lift, tighten and tone.

Let’s look at the three body types; Endomorph; Volume holding harder to burn fat. Mesomorph; Muscular, builds muscle fast, harder to hold curves. Ectomorph; Lean, small bones long limbs, hard time putting on mass/muscle.

Thing is, most of us are combinations of body types. For example I have thin wrist and a small rib cage with small bones, traits of an ectomorph. My upper body is muscular from years of training, traits of a mesomorph. Lastly my lower body is fat holding, traits of an endomorph, therefor i’m all three. Then I realized their is a lot of endomorphs  (volume/fat holding body types),  that don’t have any volume in their booty. The last thing that I wanted was for someone to think that they had to conform by loosing weight first then building a booty.

The booty building box programs aren’t about loosing weight  or measuring, especially not on the scale. These programs are about building strength and confidence, they are meant to teach you about the science of fitness so that you can change your body “booty” composition to your liking.

Really it’s just a fun way to incorporate a really awesome at home glute program into your routine. The workouts start out with once a week then go up to twice a week at the most you can add them into your already existing training routine too.

Have fun, email us with any questions jenna@bootybuildingbox.com xoxo