The Importance of Mind Muscle Connection.
What is Mind Muscle Connection?  Technically speaking it’s when the mind sends a signal to the specific muscle telling it to contract “neuromuscular junction.” The more you focus and communicate to your body and the targeted muscles—the more muscle fibers you will recruit, resulting in muscle growth and development.
Going through the motions of the exercises is a lot different than working out. Working out requires focus, patience, consistency, and making your mind connect with your body. 
I never really understood this theory until I tore my meniscus. After nine months of physiotherapy, acupuncture, knee braces re-tearing my knee in the knee braces, not being able to walk properly, and oh yeah loosing my booty—I had enough. 
I was determined to get my strength back. I started really slow. I had to be careful because my knee was so sensitive. I knew I had to rebuild the muscles around my knee first before I could try anything else out. 

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I started with leg extensions one leg at a time. Throwing my gym ego out the door, I had to rebuild from scratch five pounds per leg, a lot different from the 50 pounds per leg that I was used to. Twice a week I would focus, one exercise, one leg at a time slowly raising, slowing contracting and holding, and slowly releasing. 
I was shocked at the results! Within two months, I was running across the street again, walking properly and even bending down without any pain. I was so excited about the fact I had fought and rehabbed my knee, that I knew it was time to conquer the Booty. 
In six weeks not only was I able to rebuild my booty—but it was new and improved, bigger, perkier and so much stronger. I was so excited about this way of training that I had to test it out on my clients. The thought that I was able to rebuild my booty because of the muscle memory previously was driving me nuts, I knew it would work on those that had never had a booty. 
My clients have had amazing results, even the ones that didn’t really care for a bigger booty were loving the strength and curves that they had earned. 
It’s never just about the vanity of having a bigger booty and looking better, but more so about having the knowledge and control over your body. The strength that comes mentally and physically is the major bonus in this program. This is my passion, and this is why I have designed the Booty Building Box. I want people like you to build your booty to be strong, toned, and even curvy! But most of all—I want to build your confidence!
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