This is the question I get asked all the time. I’m leaning out but my booty is going too, how do I stay lean but keep my booty? This is the science of fitness. The Booty Building Box programs offers you all the knowledge that you need to keep your booty goals even when you have other body goals.

The key to holding volume while leaning out, is knowing when to eat and what to eat before and after you train. How to train and when, and lastly when to rest. If you really want to keep volume specifically in your booty while leaning out your legs, abs, and upper body, then you have to be on point.

Firstly let’s look at why it is important to make sure you have a good amount of amino acids in your body before training the booty. If you’re trying to lean out, you’ll most likely be watching your foods and doing more cardio. Some people will cut fats in order to cut fat. This could work for the most part, however clean fats like avocado paired up with protein can really help prevent muscle breakdown during training. Which is why it’s important to make sure that your body is nourished with fats and proteins and even carbs if you’re a true Ecto-Booty before training, this ensure that you will burn fat before muscle which is key.

Secondly, making sure that you’re #FeedingtheBooty post workout properly and within the hour. While training your muscle will swell, it order keep some of that swell going it’s important to feed it within that hour time frame. Also restoring with glycogen first is important. This will ensure that your getting all your nutrients in to help support muscle growth.

Lastly, making sure that you’re giving that booty enough rest so that it can repair and keep it’s volume. If you’re doing more cardio try to plan it so that you at least have one good rest day after your heaviest booty workout. For example in the Booty Building Box Programs, there is Booty Monday and eventually Booty Thursday. Twice a week at the most, if some of my clients are really active and non stop all week, i’ll say train your most intense Booty workout on a day that you know you’ll take the next day off for rest. No cardio on that training day and no cardio that day after. This will ensure muscle rest and development.

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