What’s the point of doing something if  it’s not done properly?!. Having good form is  essential for good results. This is the main reason why the booty building box programs give more emphasis on form and mind muscle connection.

Not only will it prevent you from injury, having good form will also improve your posture and your body’s alignment drastically. It will ensure mind muscle connection which will lead to faster results.

If you’re a beginner, it will be harder for you to get the feel for “good form”. I encourage you to put more effort into perfecting your positioning and form first with the booty building box workouts before adding in weight. Body weighted exercises can be super effective if you’re form is correct and your engaging and contracting your glutes.

Let’s look at squats, when squatting it’s so import to keep your weight back in your heels, I personally like stance a little wider than hip width with feet pointing out, more sumo squat focused to avoid knees from turning in. Keeping your chest high core engaged, once your comfortable push your glutes/hips back first, lead with them as if you’re going to sit down,  then drop down, feel your glutes contract on the way down.

It’s all about connecting with your body, feeling strong in your stances and your exercises to benefit the most from them. Once your form is on point then start adding weight, but don’t add too much that your form suffers, your form should be number one.


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