We are so excited to be a part of this special mom show this weekend!

Sunday April 29th 2018 10am-1pm at The Living Arts Centre, Atrium(Mississauga)- Admission and parking are FREE!!!

This show is for moms to take the “day” or at least some of their morning off, to come in and get pampered, explore and discover services and products for them! And yes there will also be fun stuff for the children as well.

Along with having so many different kind of vendors they are also going to have a bunch of giveaways!!

This show is perfect for the booty building box, since so many MOMS  that have purchased the program, love it so much! The booty building box programs are perfect for moms with only twice a week workouts ranging anywhere from 20min-45min. Beginner to Advanced. Along with it being an at home workout regime that you can literally do anywhere, even right in your living room while watching your babies.

Were so excited to be part of this show so we can help you feel amazing again. We understand all the changes that happen during pregnancy and we’re excited to help you bake the booty you’ve always wanted. xoxo

Also don’t miss out on our amazing special on the boxes!!