Love using the bands for all different kinds of exercises. Recently I fell back in love with banded deadlifts. Single leg and double. We posted a video to instagram and fb accounts @bootybuildingbox.

Deadlifts are one of those exercises that really work your full body. Legs, core and upper body.

Start by choosing the band you feel most comfortable with. You can start out by trying a basic banded deadlift first to get the feeling of it. In this case both feet will step into and on the band. Grab a good grip of the band as you will be pulling up throughout the exercise.

Once both feet are planted in the band, you’re going to extend your legs, flatten your back, core tight and you’ll pull all the way up in standing position. In standing position you should be able to get a really good back, arm and booty squeeze.

From here you’re going to start your deadlift. It’s important you try to keep your legs straight on the way down to encourage proper form. Your hips will lead you back as your weight shifts into your heels, your chest is high and core tight. You can add a touch of a bend in the knees as you extend further down for more flexibility. Make sure to feel that stretch in your hamstrings before bending.

Lead out with your hips legs tight back strong, core tight, chest up. Then come to a 90 degree angle before coming back up. You can also try one legged deadlift with your other leg pressed lightly beside you or lifted.

Hope you guys enjoyed another way to use the resistance bands. Message us if you have any questions, we’re here for you! Note to always ensure Mind Muscle Connection for the best workouts. The bands alone with MMC will give you a wicked workout without having to lift anything!


Lots of love,


Jenna xoxo

CEO & Founder