How delicious does this look?! Thrivemags is on point with this vegan/vegetarian meal.

The Booty Building Box programs talk about what to eat before and after you train. Why? because who has time to meal prep 24/7?!. Creating a full meal plan would be pointless, with all the different food allergies, sensitivities and not to mention ethnic background it’s so hard to keep up with everyones food preferences, not to mention realistic goals.

So instead we focused on the most important times to eat to build lean muscle and to reshape the body/booty. Making sure that your body is filled with the proper fuel before training to avoid muscle breakdown and right after training to #feedthebooty.

Along with talking about what to eat before and after you train, we did include some vegan and vegetarian options for everyone. How amazing does this meal look! This would be perfect for an ecto-booty pre workout and an endo-booty post workout. So many options!!! #plantbasedlove #bootybuildingbox