Happy Valentines Everyone!

I hope you all notice the love all around us. Loving yourself first is key to any successful relationship, sending you guys so much love today! Here’s a wicked Booty Building Box workout, take your time work on your form and have fun!!

The full video is uploaded to Youtube, Instagram & Facebook @bootybuildingbox

To start out lets warmup with a 5min warmup, in the video I did the spin bike, you can also use your skip rope and do a 5 rounds of 1min skips, you can even do knees up!

Then we’re going to start with 10 hip thrusters to activate the glutes. I did them off a bench in the pic but you can do them laying down as well. Just remember to put your weight into your heels up fast and squeeze your booty!

Then we are going to do the same with 10 one legged hip thrusters, you can remove the band and keep in mind we are still pressing our weight into our heels 10 on each side.

Now we’re going to move into 10 weighted closed feet deadlifts, remember to squeeze your inner thighs on the way up along with your abs and upper body. Again my toes are lifted weight in going into my heels.

Now onto 10  bulgarian lunges one of my favs make sure to squeeze that one cheek up on the way up and also make sure that your standing knee is not going over your toes.

And the last move for your Vday workout is 10 stair drop sumo squats. Let the weight bring you low, keep back and chest high, weight in the heels again.  Repeat 2-3 times then stretch! xox

Have so much fun, email us if you have any questions, happy happy Valentines!