If you didn’t catch the airing on Dragon’s Den it’s not too late here’s the link to find out what happened;


Now let’s talk about the step up demo with Michele. Michele was the perfect candidate since she is a true meso-booty. Step ups are my favorite for meso-booties since they are focused on building the outer side curve. The Booty Building Box programs are all specific to your booty needs. This means that every exercise has been tested out and looked at with tremendous detail.

Take the step up, a “simple” step up movement that normally doesn’t have much thought into it. A Booty Building Box step up, is much more than a simple action.

In order to grow and curve out a side curve you have to emphasize it and put effort into it / “MMC” Mind Muscle Connection in order to active the area, or I would say SWELL!

A Booty Building Box step up consist of placing your rising foot on the elevation making sure the full foot especially heal is planted, then turning out that side booty so you can step into the side curve. Really emphasize the turn out, then step up into it and try to keep it turned out the whole time. Keeping the raised foot straight and steady, and slowing coming up and most importantly slowly coming down.

There’s such a difference in an exercise when you put that much effort into it, it rarely needs added weight and mostly needs control and effort to form.

After the side booty is “swollen” then we can #feedthebooty then let it Rest, Bake and Rise. xoxo