May Newsletter

6 weeks into quarantine and it’s already May! Thankfully the sun is coming out, the air is fresh and hopefully Covid19 will subside soon.

It’s been nice receiving more follow up message from the BBB community I love that you guys are all pulling out your boxes and getting the workouts in! Always remember you don’t have to be hardcore to get results; you can get results with 1 BBB workout per week, consistency is key. It might take a little longer to see the results especially for ecto booties doing one workout per week, however if you are diligent about making sure you’re eating what’s needed before and after your workouts and doing the workout to your fullest, results will come.

It’s been tough for some to stay motivated to workout and to stop snacking but here are some great tips to stay motivated in this new tech life.

If you want a good way to hold yourself accountable you can do a zoom BBB workout with your friends. I just had a zoom call workout with some friends and to be honest I was kind of dreading waking up earlier to get on a computer screen to workout. But it felt great and it was really cool to see us all in sync and sweating. I needed a little push to wake up and to be present with everyone and it definitely paid off, feeling so good and energized.

For those who can’t stop snacking, take a walk if you can in open spaces or do some yoga. Keeping yourself busy will help so much with adding in extra snacks. It doesn’t have to be physical although that’s always a bonus for circulation and mental health. You can also commit to reading a book or taking an online course to learn something new.

I find when I fill my schedule up there’s definitely less room for snacking. It’s all about distractions, the more you can distract the less you’ll eat. And on that note also try to have healthy snacks available that way if you just want to chill on the couch and enjoy this rest time then at least you can feed your body good and not feel so sluggish.

Make sure to eat good meals that include high fibre and high proteins to fill your body so you don’t end up snacking too much. Here are some great late-night snacks: veggies, berries, apples, oranges, almonds, popcorn, dark chocolate, tea, sweet potato crackers, pistachios.


Hope you enjoyed!

Lots of love,

CEO & Founder

Jenna Medina xoxo