Let’s start out by saying; Everyone’s journey is different, along with everyone’s goal. The program is only 8 weeks, however it is meant to be repeated. It is meant to teach people about the science of fitness and how to activated and train ¬†glutes properly.

Consider the fact that there are 3 different programs for 3 different results. Each program is so specific to your booty needs, they all work differently. For example endo-booty lift, tighten & tone, which all three programs will lift,  tighten and tone too, is the fastest way to see results because your starting to activate your glutes properly which will automatically lift the area. An endo-booty already has a good amount of volume to work with, so we are not focusing on building we are simply focusing on lifting, toning and tightening, along with burning fat. Generally an endo-booty will start seeing results within 2 workouts!

An ecto-booty on the other hand, someone who wants to build lean muscle mass and really fill in their booty area will take longer. Everyone is different, some ecto-booties if they’ve been super diligent and precise with their food, workouts and rest have seen results within 4 weeks. However some don’t see results until 10-12 weeks after repeating the first cycle.

Lastly a meso-booty, building side curves and dimensions, falls right in-between endo and ecto booty. The results vary from 4-8 weeks when they start seeing their side booty pop.

The results will happen, the program proves itself over and over again. For my ecto booties it is a process which I mention in your program, it takes time, consistency and dedication but that hard work will pay off, you just have to trust the process and keep at it. The glutes are a huge muscle they have so much potential!


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Notice a difference by the second workout!