Cardio vs Strength Training & Weights


When we are discussing cardio vs strength & weight training, it is actually important to incorporate all three into your fitness regime. I love a good combination between all three for a full ultimate body workout. The strength and weight training aspect is amazing for muscle development and body composition. Whereas cardio is great for endurance and cardiovascular health.

Booty Building Box offers a combination of everything from a cardio warm up to endurance exercises, strength training and weights.

The reason why I always incorporate an overall workout using strength training vs just doing cardio alone is because, even though we can burn more calories in a cardio workout vs just doing weights and strength training, the reality is that doing weights and strength training will actually have our bodies burning more fat in the long run. When you engage in strength training exercises, you increase muscle mass and in turn increase your metabolic rate.  This means that when your body is at rest after a strength training session, it is still burning calories and is therefore more effective as cardio alone has a much smaller calorie burning window.


That being said, cardio is a great addition to your routine/BBB program to increase the fat burning process; especially when we’ve been having too many extra treats!  Lol.