Waking up this morning to no more cashew milk in my fridge and too lazy to go out and get some, I figured I would finally try to master making butter coffee at home. I had brown sugar ghee and grass fed organic butter so why not pull out the blender and try it. I started with the brown sugar ghee just 1 teaspoon blended with 1.5 cups of black coffee and added in one stevia, finishing off with a touch of organic cinnamon.

It came out perfectly, so frothy and smooth just like the purchased kinds. After enjoying this latte like coffee,  I set off to the gym for an upper body workout.

Post workout feels were high, I felt great my system was on point and it had me thinking about that butter coffee, what other benefits does it have? Is it only suited for keto dieters? How often should someone consume this high caloric coffee?

After researching the pros and cons to this butter coffee, I found so many surprises. For instance I knew it was good for hormonal health due to it’s high fatty acids and omega contents. However I didn’t know that grass fed butter also contains CLA which is an amazing fat burner and can also help aid in prevention of heart disease. Along with that high amounts of vitamin A, K1, K2, beta carotene, antioxidants and a huge aid to help gut flora.

The only con to it was to make sure it’s grass fed butter because grain fed doesn’t have the benefits. And another con was that some people were saying to use it as a replacement meal even though it doesn’t have nearly as many benefits as a full whole foods breakfast.

My thought is to have it on days that you’re running around or going to do a fasted workout, because it does feel heavy I would recommend drinking it alone. I’ll probably add it in 3 times a week on my fasted workout days. I also tried the grass fed butter alone 1 teaspoon per 1.5 cups and it was just as delicious. I love the added organic cinnamon makes for such a healthy treat.



Also note I did not use MTC oil I find those who are keto tend to mix that in for extra omegas and fat burning properties. Since I’m not keto and I didn’t need it for energy I skipped out it’s similar to coconut oil so you can add some in if you’re keto and want to try adding a booster. #FeedtheBooty