Booty Building Box Challenge! #Progresspic


20 days until 2020! The countdown is on, and we have a couple things up our sleeves. We wanted a way to get you motivated for 2020 goals.

Who else wants a reason to stay on top of their goals while approaching to 2020?!

We have the perfect challenge for you, and if you deliver were giving you a FREE add on program!


The best way to track progress in our opinion is through before and after pics. That way we remove the annoying factor of scales, because who actually benefits by being stuck on a number that doesn’t matter.


Our goal has always been to take our customers away from numbers and back to feeling good in their own skin. So, this winter the challenge is on #bootybuildingboxchallenge.


We challenge you to do the program and take before and after pics and either send them to us privately if you’re not into social, or share your progress and inspire others and tag us so we can see your amazing results.

Tag us in a fun Insta post and we’ll feature you!

When you send us or tag us a progress pic, you’ll receive a free add on program, any one of your choice. Our add programs are all at home workouts as well, the upper body even uses the booty bands!


Remember, consistency is key, don’t worry if it takes you a little longer, we will hold on to the programs for you, just stay consistent even if it’s just once a week, build new habits and get ready to feel good next summer!


Message us if you need anything, we also have our accountability coach Nina who is ready to answer all your booty building box workout questions.


Lots of love,