So tasty and filling with such little cals and fat! #FeedtheBooty #Healthyfood

Having prepped food ready is a key to having success when it comes to staying on track. Sunday meal prep day, you can pick and choose what you think will be a great snack that will keep you satisfied but also won’t be heavy. We loved this choice of egg white bites with a kick of zest for flavour. So easy to make, you can have them for a snack, breakfast before or after your booty building box workout. They’re great for everything and so nutritious.

The trick to making this so yummy was adding fresh jalapeƱos to the veggie mix along with seasoning. I love slicing the jalapenos really thin so that you can have tiny burst of heat without it being too overwhelming.

Chop up red onion, zucchini, red peppers and jalapeƱos. Add a touch of olive oil to the pan and stir fry the veggies up for 5-10min on high just to get them a tad cooked.

Then in a separate bowl add three eggs and 5 egg whites stir together and add in your favorite spices and seasonings. We added flavor gods mix it.

You can also create your own mix of spices to create some yummy blends, like cayenne, paprika, ground pepper, garlic powder, cumin.

Then simply add your egg mix to the cupcake pan first then add the veggies on top, option to add a touch of shredded cheese on top of that for extra flavour. I add a touch of cheese as it can be super heavy and high in calories.

In the oven for 20min at 350 then enjoy!!!

Make sure they cool a little bit before trying to scoop them out, they ten to pop out faster and smoother once cooled.

Mess us if you have any questions, were always here to help!