The Booty Building Box programs emphasizes a lot of MMC Mind Muscle Connection. We value MMC more than adding on more weight or trying to push heavier. We believe that if you have proper form, and you’re aware of the connection between your mind and your body, you will have amazing results. Knowing what to feel for and what a muscle contraction feels like changes the way that you workout entirely.

When people hear booty building they automatically think of squats. This is a little frustrating since squats are probably our least favorite glute activating exercise. They can be super affective if executing properly, so let us teach you how to do a proper squat.

First off,  we love sumo squats vs any other form of squat, because it’s a wider stance we find the weight shifts back naturally and you can get low low.

Sumo squats can be tricky if you’re not activating your glutes on this exercise you’re most likely bringing your weight forward and using your quads. This can lead to over development of the quads and hamstrings neglecting the glutes completely, leading to lower back pain and knee pain.


Best way to come into a sumo squat;

Start with your legs more than hip width apart toes pointing out,

Bring your hips back before sitting into the squat, shift your weight into your heels

Keep chest up core tight

Bring all your weight into your heels while coming down

Make sure your knees don’t go over your toes

When fully down into the squat, make sure you can feel your glutes contracting, ( get low enough that you can feel the contraction)

If you can’t feel it in your glutes bring your weight back again and come a little bit lower

Before coming up feel the lift in your glutes as you lift up

Once back up give your glutes an extra squeeze.

Check out our video on instagram @bootybuildingbox. Mess us if you have any questions!