This is a wicked at home booty workout, using books for weights! No need to go anywhere #StayHome with Booty Building Box! Follow us on insta for more workouts @bootybuildingbox

Right now times are tough so we’re going to try to help all of you out at home to stay active and fit during this time. We also want to encourage you to tag us on your workout post so we can feature you and inspire others to get active!

You don’t need to have weights or bands for this workout, if you want to use the booty bands for the side walk great, otherwise just focus on form and contracting that side booty the whole way. Also I used books for weights in this workout and it worked perfectly just a great option for all of you that don’t have weights at home.

Start out with a 1 min skip no rope needed, just to get your body warmed up! Remember form and Mind Muscle Connection for the best results, most of the time extra weight isn’t needed if you’re really engaging. You can also add in some additional hip thrusters to get that booty activation going if you’ve been sitting all day, if you engage your glutes properly in the sumo squats then you should be good to start right away!

15 Basic Sumo Squats- Squeeze and contract that booty up!

10 Pulse Sumo Squats- Reinforcing MMC

20 Banded side walks – Squeeze and engage your side booty the whole way.

10 Closed leg deadlifts- Engage your core and your upper body, but also squeeze your inner thighs on the way up.

10 One legged deadlifts- Focus on pulling the hips out first on that standing leg really feel your hamstrings 

10 Lunge switch jumps-I always use my arms to pull me up through the jump switch. Also make sure to focus on landing in a lunge so you get range with this exercise.