Hey Booty Builders the day has come, we officially have an Accountability Coach!  Get ready to hit your fitness goals!


Welcoming Nina!


Nina has had her own struggles on staying on top of her own fitness goals. She joined BBB from the start and was determined to shed 40lbs and get her booty and body back to feeling good. It was hard for her to stay motivated to do the workouts on her own and keep track of her meal plans. Through her journey she has implemented habits that have kept her motivated and on track, and now she wants to help you!


A Note from Nina


Hi Booty Builders!


I am so excited to share this new initiative with you.  In my opinion, motivation is like chocolate; the more you have, the happier you are – the less you have the worse you feel.  Staying motivated has always been a struggle for me on my health and fitness journey.  I found that I would do that thing where I give a 150% for about 4 weeks, and then hit my 3-6 month slump.  It took completely putting my back out during one of my longer slumps, where I realised how important regular exercise is for your body to normally function.  I started researching different ways to get and stay motivated and two recurring factors I came by were liability and support.  We are more than 50% more likely to achieve a goal if we hold ourselves accountable to ourselves and to people around us.  Also, when combining your goals with your support system, it can make building the habit a lot more fun.


So, to help you along your health and fitness journey, we are providing you with motivation through getting to know you, sharing positive habit-forming tips and tricks and building our Booty Building Box support community so that we can all stay on track with our goals and have fun along the way!


I can’t wait to meet all of you!


If you have any question email me nina@bootybuildingbox.com


Lots of love xoxo