Organic Chicken Breast, Caribbean Sweet Potato, Zucchini, Red Onion, Parsley.


At Booty Building Box we love sticking to seasonal vegetables and fruits to maintain the most amount of antioxidants. Try local farmers markets to see what’s fresh and organic. Farmers markets are great way to get fresh produce at reasonable costs. Planning out meals for the week before doing all the shopping is key to cost effective ways of making yummy meals.

Dinner ideas can be simple, nutritious and delicious. We love this meal, because it’s easy, chop, season and in the oven all at once. Great for a pre or post booty workout meal.

Chicken is a great option for protein load amino acids and can be a lean option for protein, try to stick to white meat, preferably breast.


Sweet potatoes are one of the fastest burning carbohydrates, they are loaded in antioxidants and considered to be a super whole food. We love adding sweet potatoes to dinner meals since they burn the fastest.


Adding red onions to meals helps boost so much flavour without having garlic after breath. They are light in flavour for an onions and filled with cancer fighting compounds and are great for a glucose control.


Let’s get started: Chop the Caribbean sweet potato add to a bowl with the zucchini and red onion. Then place the chicken in a separate bowl with olive oil schezwan pepper mix and pink salt.

Then use two different pans one for the chicken and one for the potatoes and zucchini, We only used pink salt and olive oil with the parsley on those.

Place all items in the oven at 375 the chicken will be done in 20min so you can wait a bit if you want everything done at once, or you can pan fry it once the sweet potato veg mix is almost done. Either way they both taste delicious. Enjoy!