Sweet Potatoes are considered a super food, they are full of nutrients and amazing qualities. Here’s 17 reasons why we love sweet potatoes #FeedTheBooty

  1. Sweet Potatoes are one of the fastest burning carbs with the most amounts of nutrients!
  2. This is why we love recommending eating sweet potatoes at night, because they wont leave you feeling heavy and you won’t feel bloated in the morning.
  3. They are rich in beta carotene (vitamin A) which helps with healthy skin, immune system and eye health.
  4. There’s only 86 calories for 3.5oz a small sized sweet potato.
  5. They carry soluble fibers which helps you stay full longer and feel satisfied.
  6. They are high in vitamin C which is perfect this time of year to help prevent colds.
  7. Also high in potassium which helps with blood pressure control and reducing heart disease.
  8. They help improve glucose blood sugar regulation. Avoiding spikes in your sugar levels can prevent binging and making bad food choices.
  9. They taste really yummy savoury or sweet, have you guys tried baked sweet potatoes with touch of butter, cinnamon brown sugar? It’s delicious
  10. The vitamins and health benefits of eating sweet potatoes helps reduces oxidative damage and cancer risk.
  11. There are so many different types of sweet potatoes, popular in Japan purples ones rule. Also there is a saying in Japan that one of the towns that has the longest living people are due to the sweet potato consumption.
  12. Have you tried sweet potato fries with touch of olive oil, rosemary and sea salt, so yummy!
  13. Did you also know you can thinly slice sweet potatoes and toast them in the toaster.
  14. They are gluten free and tolerated well with those who have food sensitivities.
  15.  Great source of manganese which helps with growth development and metabolism.
  16. Along with Vitamin E a powerful fat soluble antioxidant that helps protect your body against oxidative damage.
  17. They are so yummy, kids love them and you can feel good eating them! #FeedTheBooty