I love this recipe and it’s so easy and so nutritious.





Once you’ve mastered this recipe it’s so easy to switch it up and make any type of protein pancake. Protein pancakes are so easy but also so filling and nutritious. Using whole food ingredients like oatmeal, egg whites, cashew milk, you get a great combination of protein, high fibre carbs and fats.

Ingredient List:


Egg whites

Baking powder

Cashew milk (or other milk)


Wild Blueberries

Organic Cinnamon

Organic Maple Syrup

Start with adding 1 cup of oats to the blender, then add in 4 liquid egg whites, 1/3 cup cashew milk or any milk, 1 tsp baking powder, 1tbsp organic cinnamon and 1/2 a banana for extra fluff and flavour.  Mix all these ingredients together until you get a smooth thick consistency.

Heat up the pan on high add a little bit of butter or coconut oil let it melt down. Then add the mixture to the pan in small pancake sizes and while it starts to cook add on top wild blueberries. I use frozen ones it makes it easier to have them at all times.

Once you see the pancakes start to bubble little small holes forming on the top of the pancakes (this usually takes about 5min depending on how thick your mixture is). Then you can check to see if it’s ready to flip.

Once flipped another 3-6min on the other side to cook fully. I love adding organic pure maple syrup to this recipe, anything that is raw in pure form even though it contains high sugar it’s still better than using artificial ingredients.

I love making these for breakfast but then also keeping them in a fridge to heat up later for a sweet snack. They are so good to have on hand and only take about 10minutes to make.

We hope you enjoy them, message us if you have any questions!


Lots of love,


Jenna xoxo