April Newsletter


What a crazy month March has been! I hope all of you are safe and healthy, we are all going through difficult times right now, but at least we are all going through this together. Now is the time to refocus on what matters and to stay positive as best as we can.


We’ve been focusing on creating more At Home Workouts to help all of you to stay motivated and to get off the couch. Thankfully the BBB programs are all at home to begin with making it easier for you guys to stay active and on the programs. We are encouraging all of you to post your at home workouts and tag us, we will repost you to give inspiration to our BBB family.


I saw a post on Instagram the other day it was a great way of thinking. It showed a man who was super stressed and depressed right now because of all the news updates for COVID 19 and the job situation. It showed him watching a video with a Soldier talking about how making your bed in the morning is the first step to feeling accomplished, that then will lead you into wanting to accomplish more and completing many tasks.


Just like our minds can spiral into negative thoughts, this simple task of making your bed in the morning can spiral into positive affirmations and actions. I challenge you all to start making your bed in the morning, then it might drive you to do a workout or cook a meal. I know these times are going to be difficult, the mission is to distract from the negative and focus on the little positive things that we can do that will help us survive this.


I’m here for all of you and if you have any suggestions or wants from the BBB community, we want to hear them! Stay safe, Stay active and #feedthebooty



Lots of love,


Jenna Medina xoxoxo