1. Brazilian Butt Lift vs Booty Building Box

    Plastic surgery: it is a controversial subject but it is not what most people think it is. I used to work for plastic surgeons for many years and I love what they do for their patients who happen to be every-day people. Over the years, I have come to understand that plastic surgery patients are peop…Read More


    Happy week everyone, new and improved recipe books are coming soon. This is a Perfect morning shake for anyone and a great Ecto-Booty pre Booty workout shake. Note; I love Silk milk products the Cashew Vanilla is unsweetened and low in cals so good. So yummy Enjoy xo…Read More

  3. Lettuce Burrito Wraps

    Talk about a perfect post Booty workout meal. This meal is filled with all the right macronutrients, and is perfect for all Booty types! The Booty Building Box program offers nutrition for pre and post workout meals,  if you're going to work your booty off you should know how to feed it before an…Read More