1. Form is Everything

      What's the point of doing something if  it's not done properly?!. Having good form is  essential for good results. This is the main reason why the booty building box programs give more emphasis on form and mind muscle connection. Not only will it prevent you from injury, having good form will a…Read More

  2. Why Booty Types?

    Why Booty Types? Initially the booty building box programs were going to be based on body types. Since someone who wants to build volume and curves is going to need completely different training and nutrition than someone who just wants to lift, tighten and tone. Let's look at the three body types; …Read More

  3. Yes the Workouts are Hard!

    We are definitely going to make you work for the booty! The workouts are hard, however they are meant to be repeated. The Booty Building Box programs all come with a Maintenance section and a Track & Repeat. It's not only about doing the workouts and getting results, it's about learning why cert…Read More

  4. Holding onto your Booty while Burning Fat everywhere else.

    This is the question I get asked all the time. I'm leaning out but my booty is going too, how do I stay lean but keep my booty? This is the science of fitness. The Booty Building Box programs offers you all the knowledge that you need to keep your booty goals even when you have other body goals. The…Read More