I love when you can feel like you're baking, but you don't actually have to bake! This recipe is so easy and it's so fast. Perfect for busy bees and moms. Total making time 10min, the joys of none baked goods. High in fibre, amino acids, protein and good carbs. These balls are great if you're on the…Read More

  2. May Newsletter Staying Motivated

    May Newsletter 6 weeks into quarantine and it's already May! Thankfully the sun is coming out, the air is fresh and hopefully Covid19 will subside soon. It's been nice receiving more follow up message from the BBB community I love that you guys are all pulling out your boxes and getting the workouts…Read More

  3. 💥Vegetarian/Vegan Dinner🍑

    We have options for vegetarians and vegans! You can still build the booty you've always wanted eating a plant based diet. Here's a wicked vegetarian meal, and also let's add in some tips for our vegan and vegetarians. This meal is super easy and fun to make! Ingredient list: Olive oil. salt. pepper.…Read More

  4. 💥Wild Blueberry Protein Pancakes🍑

    I love this recipe and it's so easy and so nutritious.   WILD BLUEBERRY PROTEIN PANCAKES     Once you've mastered this recipe it's so easy to switch it up and make any type of protein pancake. Protein pancakes are so easy but also so filling and nutritious. Using whole food ingredients like oatme…Read More

  5. April Newsletter

    April Newsletter   What a crazy month March has been! I hope all of you are safe and healthy, we are all going through difficult times right now, but at least we are all going through this together. Now is the time to refocus on what matters and to stay positive as best as we can.   We’ve been f…Read More

  6. #athomeworkout #bootyday!

    This is a wicked at home booty workout, using books for weights! No need to go anywhere #StayHome with Booty Building Box! Follow us on insta for more workouts @bootybuildingbox Right now times are tough so we're going to try to help all of you out at home to stay active and fit during this time. We…Read More

  7. March Newsletter, Setting Intentions

    March Newsletter Setting Intentions Feb just flew by! It’s March and soon enough it will be summer. Let’s chat about setting your intentions for things that you want to achieve this year and letting the light shine in through love. We did a podcast last week on Booty and Business where we chatte…Read More

  8. Valentines Day Workout! Grab your own booty, love yourself!

    Happy Valentines Everyone! I hope you all notice the love all around us. Loving yourself first is key to any successful relationship, sending you guys so much love today! Here's a wicked Booty Building Box workout, take your time work on your form and have fun!! The full video is uploaded to Youtube…Read More

  9. Be YOU February Newsletter

    Be YOU!   Wow January was a long year Lol!  We’re finally moving forward into Feb and it feels good. I wanted to dedicate this newsletter to owning you and feeling good moving forward.   A huge part of living your best life is being able to be 100 honest with yourself. Being able to know that y…Read More

  10. Our Podcast is now live! Booty and Business @spotify

    Booty and Business is officially live on Spotify, itunes, audioboom, radio.com, castbox, deezer, google, radiopublic! If you want to get to the the CEO and creator of Booty Building Box, Jenna Medina. This is the raw, uncut, real version of what happened and happens behind the scenes of Booty Buildi…Read More