We had so much fun on set shooting the next Booty Building Box ads with our BBB girls/reps!

All three girls had their own amazing story with the Booty Building Box programs and they all loved it so much they were so excited to get involved! 

Sisi (left to right) was always into fitness, but found it hard to stay motivated and find new fun ways to workout. She was so excited when she heard about Booty Building Box she had to try it! She always had volume a true Endo-booty but always had difficulty maintaining her volume and keeping it high and tight.  Three weeks into the program and she was so excited about her results, she wanted to get involved.

Rachael had struggled with her weight in the past loosing close to 40lbs, but always feeling like she had to eat less and be super slim. Frustrated with unrealistic results and a unhealthy mindset she purchased the Booty Building Box to try something new and to define her “assets”. Not only did she “have a lift without surgery”, she has a whole new outlook on herself. She is more confident than she’s every been and so happy in her own skin. It changed her so much she was selling boxes left, right and centre she wanted everyone to feel as good as she did! I had to have her on our team!

Karissa was our first influencer before even launching the Box on the market. I loved Karissa from the start when I met her at M boutique. This fierce fashionista was helping me find an outfit and was going off about how much she’d die to have a booty. She had no booty at the time a true Ecto-booty and was not convinced the program would work. I gave her a box and said do exactly what the program says and have patience, stay consistent and trust me. By week 10 she was in shock, her results were amazing all her friends started commenting. And for the first time she felt incredible she quotes “The Booty Building Box changed my life”.