Booty and Business is officially live on Spotify, itunes, audioboom,, castbox, deezer, google, radiopublic!

If you want to get to the the CEO and creator of Booty Building Box, Jenna Medina. This is the raw, uncut, real version of what happened and happens behind the scenes of Booty Building Box. The first episode goes into the pre launch of Booty Building Box and how it all got created. From competing in body building shows, to getting certified as a trainer and specializing in booty building. 

How a simple booty building program turns into a full e-commerce business. Every idea can be so meticulously thought out. From hiring help off the bat to getting professional advice, on top of testing out every single exercise on clients. This process was obsessive.

A weekly episode will be released, we will have a variation of guests, talking about fitness, business and everything in between!

Email us if you have any suggestions on topics or if you want to join as a guest. It is going to be fun, informative and everything in between.

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