1. Follow Sisi on her Booty Building Box journey!

    Sisi reached out because of her new found love for fitness, she was so excited to hear about a program that offered different glute workout routines and nutrition, based on your booty goals. She loved the program so much that she decided to take all of you on her journey with her. She's a busy girl …Read More

  2. How long will it take to see results?

    Let's start out by saying; Everyone's journey is different, along with everyone's goal. The program is only 8 weeks, however it is meant to be repeated. It is meant to teach people about the science of fitness and how to activated and train  glutes properly. Consider the fact that there are 3 diffe…Read More

  3. Oakville Bubble & Booty Building Box

    So excited to see how the girls do at the Oakville Bubble! They reached out to us after they saw us on Dragons Den and wanted to try the Booty Building Box but also wanted to work with us in some way, how exciting! They just started their booty journey so keep posted as they will be posted progress …Read More

  4. Up your Kickbacks & Sides

    Check out our new video post on instagram @bootybuildingbox; Posted 3 ways to up the intensity on your kickbacks and sides exercise. Number 1; Try to do kickbacks and sides without holding onto to anything. Find your balance, keep your legs and core strong and kick away. Number 2; Try to add in a mi…Read More

  5. Vegan & Vegetarian options available!

    How delicious does this look?! Thrivemags is on point with this vegan/vegetarian meal. The Booty Building Box programs talk about what to eat before and after you train. Why? because who has time to meal prep 24/7?!. Creating a full meal plan would be pointless, with all the different food allergies…Read More

  6. The Step Up Demo on Michele Romanow from Dragons Den

     If you didn't catch the airing on Dragon's Den it's not too late here's the link to find out what happened; https://www.cbc.ca/dragonsden/pitches/bootybuilding-box Now let's talk about the step up demo with Michele. Michele was the perfect candidate since she is a true meso-booty. Step ups are my …Read More

  7. Booty Building Box on CBC Dragons Den!

    Talk about a wild experience! Launching a business is no small task. No matter how big of an idea you think you have, it still takes a lot of  work and tons of cash. As the owner and creator of Booty Building Box, I knew the meaning behind this product. It's not just a fitness program, it's about e…Read More

  8. #mondaymotivation CONTROL

     I can't express the importance of form and control #MMC Mind Muscle Connection. I had wicked workout on booty Thursday this week because I focused so much on Control. This exercise in particular Sit down Stand ups/Pistol Squats was a killer. I really focused on slowing down on the way down and con…Read More

  9. Raspberries & Peaches #feedthebooty

    In honor of Peach Month! This is a great breakfast option or afternoon snack option. No added sugar, no wheat or dairy and filled with fibre and vitamins! #feedthebooty 1 cup coconut flour 1/3 cup ground flaxseeds 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 tablespoon organic cinnamon 1 cup fresh raspberries 1 cup…Read More

  10. Peaches.Mint.Champagne

    Peaches.Mint.Champagne. Cheers to some tasty champagne, in honour of Peach Month!! Make sure to keep posted for our second weekly special starting Aug. 10th. Adding fruit and herbs can add so much flavour to alcoholic beverages but  most importantly also just plain water and soda water. The Bootybu…Read More