Let’s get one thing clear; Booty Building Box is not a weight loss program. The last thing we want you to do is, obsess over numbers and scales.


Booty Building Box teaches people the science of fitness. This method composes of what to eat before and after you train to avoid muscle breakdown and to build lean muscle mass. And how to train properly to avoid injury and to improve health and body composition.


This not only forces you to train smarter, and eat better, but it also changes your mind on fitness. It’s a chain reaction that happens when you work hard and smart. It’s definitely not something that happens overnight, it’s a gradual lifestyle change.


Typical diets and weight loss programs, forces you to be restrictive and to have all this will power that never last. When you fail or “fall off the wagon”, it ends up turning into this vicious cycle of guilt that repeats itself.  Why can’t I stay on my diet? Why can’t I work out 5 times a week? Unrealistic goals that aren’t achievable for most, especially long term.


Booty Building Box, is giving you the knowledge and the tools that you need to slowly learn how to train and eat more efficiently and to change the way that you look and feel in your own skin. It’s not about restricting, it about educating.


People feel rejuvenated learning a new way of fitness. It’s obtainable, it’s realistic and it make you feel really good at any size. #FeedTheBooty