Kim’s been working hard on building her glutes! She loves the booty building box workouts but also enjoys switching it up, she loves trying out new things and shocking her body!

She started slowly into fitness and now is going hardcore, we loved that the Booty Building Box programs helped her along her fitness journey. This workout is a little intense recommended for advanced booty building box customers, have fun adding in extra weight and mixing it up.

Remember to always add in a warm up, wether it’s a 2min skip or a 5-10 walk/ jog, getting the body warmed up before doing any form of physical activities is so important to avoid injuries. Especially when using weights, proper form combined with execution is key.

This morning her booty building workout involved:

4X10 cable pull throughs with dumbbells

4X10 dumbbell sumo squats

4X10 dumbbell dumo deadlifts

4X10 clam shells with the booty building box bands ( love the black one!)

4X10 glute bridges with the booty building box bands

4X10 hip thrusters with the dumbbell and booty building box bands

4X10 bulgarian split squats with dumbbells

Repeat 2 times

100 bicycle crunches and 50 hand to toe crunches

Also don’t forget to stretch, we love pigeon pose for the glutes and the hips. Sometimes doing heavy glute exercises can impact the hips so don’t forget to give yourself 15min to stretch.  Also on top of stretching, remember that an epson salt bath for 20min can improve how sore you’ll feel the days after the workout dramatically. Some people also take magnesium, consult a health professional before taking any added vitamins. Lastly try to get in a good 8h sleep in, muscles need rest to repair and grow.

Mess us at Booty Building Box if you have any questions, have the best workout and don’t forget to #feedthebooty!