It’s Fall and it’s getting colder and darker, it’s a little harder to stay motivated during this time, so we asked our booty builders how they stay motivated and top of their goals during this season!


Top 5 picks


BBB client 1- Schedules her whole month on a calendar and marks everything down, pins it up so she can be reminded daily of her workouts. If she set out to do 3 workouts a week and she misses one she has to make up for it the following week!


BBB client 2- Sets goals to work out more and actually she leans out during this time so that come December she can enjoy the holiday season and have extra treats without feeling sluggish. Her motivation is thinking about the baked goods she’ll be able to enjoy.


BBB client 3- Books a vacation during the winter season, and sets up her goals around the vacation. Thinking about being back in summer clothes and a bikini keeps her motivated to stay fit all season.


BBB client 4- Takes this time of year to go to sleep earlier, cook more wholesome foods and to work out to boost endorphins to make sure she doesn’t get the winter blues. This is the busiest time for her, so making herself a priority is key.


BBB client 5- Schedules events and picks out beautiful dresses that are fitted. She

hangs her top picked dress outside her closet so she’s reminded of having to squeeze into it. This keeps her motivated to workout and eat clean so she feels fabulous at her events.



What keeps you motivated during this time? Let us know! xoxo