Moms are loving the bootybuildingbox programs for so many reasons;

1- All the workouts are designed for at home, or in the park or wherever you want to workout. Moms find it super convenient because half the time they have such little space to workout with, between all there baby things, they love that all the exercises can be done in such little space!

2- The workouts only take 20min-45mins. Bonus who has time between feedings and playdates, work and taking care of everything else. The workouts can literally take only 20min if you need to be speedy you can get 2 rounds in and call it a day!

3- There is no set schedule you can fit the bootybuildingbox workouts in any day and time of the week! It will work around anyones busy schedule.

4- The food prep is so easy! All you really have to do is make sure you eat before and after your workout. The pre workout meal can even be a shake which most people find easier to digest before working out. Then all you really have to prep is your post workout meal which equals 2 meals prepped a week, talk about easyyyyy!

5- It’s only 2 time a week workouts! Yessss only twice a week, and let’s just say you’re super crazy busy if you only did the booty monday workout but stayed consistent you’d still notice a huge difference!

6- Let’s also mention that it’s a one time box fee of $79.00 the savings are unreal which makes this super affordable for moms.