March Newsletter

Setting Intentions

Feb just flew by! It’s March and soon enough it will be summer. Let’s chat about setting your intentions for things that you want to achieve this year and letting the light shine in through love.

We did a podcast last week on Booty and Business where we chatted with Spiritual worker Heather. She had some great tips for realigning yourself with the universe. I found this so interesting and inspiring.

When you’re looking at changing your life in all aspects, work, health, business, love. You need to get serious about what you want your outcome to be. Sometimes we get caught up in life and the stresses and we forget to realign our self with our goals.

Affirmations are a huge part of achieving goals. Little things like “I can” is a great way to start. In fitness we often automatically go to “I can’t, that’s not possible”. When the reality is, so many things are possible and most of the time we don’t even try because of our initial way of thinking that we can’t.

Challenge yourself to start with “I can”. Then think about what specific goals you want to achieve and voice it. Even if this sound ridiculous it actually helps your subconscious mind to believe that it is possible, which in turn, gets you to try. Voice it by yourself at home, in the shower or to friends and family, the more we voice what we want the more we end up manifesting it.

Meditation is huge for positive reinforcement, vision and manifestation. Heather talked about doing a meditation that sends light and positivity to each of your 7 chakras. She talked about the importance of having all your chakras open for energy flow.

She also talked about following your heart, and the fact that most of us know when we fall off of alignment because we’re not aligned with what we’re meant to do. When you lead with love and you surrender the most beautiful light comes in. Sometimes we have moments of growth where we need to sit in uncomfortable or even dark places and that’s okay, that’s good for healing. As long as you get back up and lead with love you’ll always be heading in the right direction.


Hope you guys all have an amazing spring!


Lots of love,


Jenna xoxoxo