It’s summer, and it’s the best time to get out and take advantage of this beautiful weather. Extra outdoor walks, activities, sports all add up and are excellent forms of staying active and getting that cardio in. It’s also the time of patio drinks and lots of yummy foods. Here are some fun tips to stay on track while having fun.


I personally love a good patio drink in the summer and some extra drinks on a Saturday night. Drinking can not only add up in calories but it can also make you want to eat some late-night cheat treats, which can add up to some extra weight if it’s a regular routine. Here are some fun tips to balance it out:

  • Be aware of what you’re drinking. If you’re craving wine, which can add up fast in calories (130 cals per glass), then start with one glass maybe two but then switch to a vodka soda or another form of alcohol mixed with a low caloric low sugar mixer. I love mixing with flavored soda waters like Perrier and La Croix with extra limes.
  • If you end up drinking more than 1-2 drinks and you want to eat because you’re hungry, but also to get something in your tummy so that you won’t feel acidic, aim for high protein snacks. Prepped food is the best. Grill chicken is my favorite, I find it completely gets rid of the acidic feeling, satisfies my hunger, and doesn’t feel heavy going straight to bed afterwards. Mix some carbs in if you like, anything besides fast food and high processed junk is a win.
  • If you end up passing out and waking up feeling hungover and needing to recharge. My favorite morning foods post drinking to help recharge electrolytes and potassium are:

avocados and coconuts. I normally do a coconut water and avocado with my eggs for breakfast.


Summer is also a fun time to get out and try some yummy foods. If you’re finding that you’re doing a lot of dinners and gelatos just make sure to get in some extra exercise to burn it off. It can be so simple as extra walks or some fun dancing after your dinner. It’s so easy when the light is out later and the weather is warm to stay active and have fun. Here are some fun ways to stay active:

  • Window/Outdoor Shopping: Fitness is all about distractions, what better distraction than shopping. If you’re on a budget then limit the amount of money you take with you, plan out your next buy while burning those calories. If you can walk to your nearest mall, try to avoid driving.
  • Festivals: I love checking out all the summer festivals, wear comfy shoes and explore new areas. Eat before you go so you’re not starving and reaching for street food.
  • Dancing: I had a dinner dance night the other night, we went to this yummy Italian restaurant. I wanted homemade pasta, so I ate a big yummy bowl, then I danced it all off. It was great, I felt amazing going home.
  • Hikes: Team up with a walking/hiking buddy this summer. There’s no better feeling than a beautiful long walk/hike in trails and nature. Plan out walks ahead of time, preferably the day after excessive drinking or eating to burn it all off!