December Newsletter


Within ten minutes of working out, your heart rate increases, blood starts pumping to your brain, making you alert and clear, blocking pain signals, and releasing stress.


We often talk about working out for physical reasons, goals and feeling good about your body. Often, we neglect the number one reason why everyone should incorporate some sort of exercise to their routine. Mental Health. Yes, for everyone, the benefits of pumping blood to your brain is remarkable.


The release of chemical endorphins, which happen during a workout is proven to help dramatically with depression, stress and anxiety. Along with that, working out can improve brain function. As we age, we tend to get a little hazy, working out will help with mental sharpness along with helping with memory.


The clarity that comes after a workout is incredible. Sometimes we don’t recognize the importance of working out until we need it. Sometimes it takes change or trauma to kickstart our workout regime.


The hardest part is getting there and carving out time to work out. Just remember, it only takes 10min to start feeling the rush of your body and mind connecting. If you can even try to get in 30min a couple of times a week for your mental health, your body and mind will thank you.


This winter use it as an excuse to stay warm, let your body heat up. You don’t have to leave your home, pump some fun music and get your Booty Building Box out, heat up in the comfort of your home.


Zone in, clear your mind of negative thought. Use it as a way to have time for yourself, this is your time to reflect, to feel great and thank your body for being able to work out.


Lots of love,


Booty Building Box