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Let’s get re-motivated and start now with some tips on how to obtain your goals for summer!

Wether you’re doing the Booty Building Box programs or not, let’s keep in mind one thing.

CONSISTENCY;This is so important.

Three years ago when I was training clients back-to-back, I used to have one rule; You had to come twice a week so I could ensure that you would have great results. Well I had a pair of girls that came in and wanted to train with me, but insisted on once a week workouts. They couldn’t do twice a week. I’m not going to lie initially I was hesitant, I only agreed to train them if they promised that they would come every week no matter what. That meant no room for cancellations. I also made them promise that they would do exactly what I said, in terms of what to eat before and after and eventually add on workouts.

After 6 months these two girls had unbelievable results. I was shocked, they did exactly what I said. After 2 months they added in another workout day and then after 3 months added in some extra cardio. They followed the before and after meal plan and had the most amazing results.

This made me realize that consistency over powers quantity if it’s done properly. So this month focus on consistency. Even if you’re only doing the Booty Building Box once a week. That’s okay! As long as you stay consistent and you #feedyourbooty properly you will have results.

So for February let’s take it back and focus on doing that one workout every week no matter what! No matter how sick or tired you are you can find 35min in one week to get it done, So let’s do this!!!

Lots of Love,

Jenna xoxo