Wow January was a long year Lol!  We’re finally moving forward into Feb and it feels good. I wanted to dedicate this newsletter to owning you and feeling good moving forward.


A huge part of living your best life is being able to be 100 honest with yourself. Being able to know that you might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s okay. Just like body types and booty types everyone has a different preference.


Along with owning you, also own what you want for yourself. For example; it could be difficult to change a lifestyle habit when you’re surrounded by people who enjoy the habit you’re trying to stop. Know that it’s okay to remove yourself from situations if they don’t fit into what you want for yourself in the end.


Any change can be difficult especially when your path is moving in a different direction than others. If you stay true to your goals, yourself, and you know WHY you want to change that should keep you dedicated to stay on your path.


Even finding new groups of friends and people to surround yourself with that align with your directions helps a lot. Habits whether they are good or bad can stick for a while, so be conscious of what habits you want to stick around.


2020 is your year, make a vison board literally or figuratively. Know what direction you want to go in, WHY you want that for yourself. Who you are and what needs to change to move forward, and make sure no one gets in your way!  This is your time to do what YOU want to do.


Wishing you an amazing February,


lots of love,


Jenna xoxo