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This month I am dedicating the newsletter to the most inspiring woman I know, my mom!  At 67 years young, she has worked hard to get her health and physical strength back, and she’s never felt better. She really is a testament to “It’s never too late”.


She has suffered from high blood pressure, anxiety and severe sciatica. In order to bring her internal health back to normal and to feeling controlled, she needed to make some nutritional changes. Simple things, like switching her fresh bakery bread smothered in butter for breakfast, to steel cut oats with berries and flaxseeds.  Making sure that she’s feeding her body with whole foods, vs foods that have no nutritional value.


Along with that when she suffered from sciatica, it was a long 6 months of not walking or using any leg muscles, after removing a cyst that was hitting her nerve, she was able to rebuild the leg/glute muscles she once had.


One step at a time, she started slowly. Long walks, yoga, then moved into strength training. I was shocked at how excited she would get when talking about starting the Booty Building Box programs. She loved the it was inclusive of everyone and made for beginners to advanced, able to do it in her home and most of all she loved that it was fun!  (She also said she can’t wait to build a better booty)- I was like yes mom yessssss!


We started slow kept it to once a week and 1-2 rounds per workout. Focusing more on form and making sure she was executing the exercises properly. Going slow not adding any weights only using the bands. It’s amazing to watch her excel in a program that I find hard sometimes. She is truly an inspiration in so many ways, her mindset above all keeps her motivated and moving. Her positive outlook and excitement for life makes me so thankful I can call her mom.



Love you for life, you have no idea what you mean to me! Thank you!