Jenna Medina is a certified personal trainer, wellness coach, former sponsored athlete/competitor and published fitness model.

A diverse portfolio of talents and interests, Jenna has also participated in five bodybuilding bikini competitions, training for her first show in 2010.

Having struggled with her weight all her life the show was simply an item on her bucket list and a personal health goal – little did she know it was just the beginning of a much bigger journey.

After one year of training and four months of dieting, she tore her meniscus just three weeks away from competition day, but, with optimism and determination, Jenna decided she would not give up.

Shortly thereafter, Jenna re-tore her knee and quickly realized that it was time to lay off of training to focus her attention on rebuilding her body, and more specifically, her knee, and the “BOOTY” she once had.

During this time she zoned in on getting her strength back, researching the best exercises, techniques, and rehabilitation methods.

It was here she also discovered the importance of  mind-muscle connection (MMC) and the pivotal role it would play in the reconstruction of her body, and all future workout programs for not only herself, but her clients as well.

Jenna tweaked the smallest details to improve her physique to be the best that she could, and became so intrigued in the science of this sport and how the body can transform dramatically with targeted training and nutrition.

It was at this time that friends and makeup clients started asking her to train them. Her passion for the sport led her into certifications and a handful of clients right off the bat…

Those that did exactly what she’d said had amazing physical results, but more importantly life-changing experiences. This is when her passion, making people happy and having a positive impact on others, came to life. It was the ultimate reward.

It was then that she started looking a every single aspect of training and eating more meticulously. How could her clients get better, faster results? How could she improve her clients’ programming, nutrition and incorporate more MMC? Her knowledge from competing, training herself, and rebuilding her own body (and clients’) was starting to all come together.

It was when more and more requested that she help them build or improve their BOOTY, that she spotted a trend. And so, using all of her knowledge, expertise and experience, Jenna developed the Booty Building Program to meet the growing demand and reach more people in search of a better Booty.


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